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Lazy Girl Healthy Snickers

Lazy Girl Healthy Snickers

Those of you who know me well, know I love recreating candy bars to be healthy and nourishing in addition to delicious! I’ve made healthy TWIX, MARS BARS, SNICKERS,  & more. Recently many viewers were asking me to make a candy bar that did not involve using a food processor or really any equipment.

& that is how these lazy snicker bars were created! 


The dates in this recipe act as the caramel substitute and you would never know!



All you need:

Cutting board, parchment paper, & small double boiler pot to melt chocolate.



2 Primal Kitchen Peanut Butter Bars (use code nutritionbysam for 10% off)

1 bar of HU kitchen dark chocolate or HU kitchen gems (use code nutritionbysam for 15% off)

3 soft dates sliced in half and pit removed

1/4 cup chopped peanuts

pinch of sea salt (optional)



To make:

Melt chocolate over a double boiler and remove from heat once melted (You can add a tiny bit of coconut oil to thin if needed)

Slice each bar into 3 pieces. Slice each date in half & remove the pit.

Put a few peanuts inside the date half, put the bar on top of the date half that s filled with peanuts, squeeze together gently, and turn the bar over so the date is on top. The peanuts should be hidden in between the peanut butter bar and the date.

Freeze for 15 minutes (this makes it so the chocolate molds super fast)

Dip the bar & date combination in chocolate, freeze for 5 minutes, and repeat the process one more time. Drizzle some extra chocolate on top for a textured look and some optional sea salt to bring out all the flavors.






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