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Linguine with Lemon Caper Sauce & Pan Seared Scallops

Linguine with Lemon Caper Sauce & Pan-Seared Scallops

Light, Refreshing, and the perfect dinner to enjoy with family & friends. 



This recipe involves a handful of easy steps and can be made in under 30 minutes.

Clean up is minimal. 



Serves 3-4


1 Bag of @butcherbox scallops (or enough for 3-4 people)

1 large bundle of broccolini chopped

2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes

2 tbsp capers

1 lemon juiced & zested

1 tbsp Olive or Avocado Oil + spray for searing scallops

Spices (crushed red pepper to taste, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1 tsp parsley, 1 tsp garlic)

Pasta of choice, I used homemade linguine from Tuscany  (3-4 servings)


Set up: 

1 pan to sear scallops

1 pot to make pasta

1 pan lined with parchment paper to roast ingredients

1 bowl to mix herbs, oil, and lemon



To make: 

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line a pan with parchment paper. Add broccolini and tomatoes to the pan, spray with oil, and roast for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, add water to a pot with some sea salt & bring to a roaring boil.  Add pasta & cook accordingly (stir often) reserving 1 tbsp of pasta water.

While vegetables are roasting & pasta is cooking to the desired time prepare other ingredients. Make the scallops. Spray a pan with olive oil spray, add a dusting of salt and pepper to the scallops and sear 3 minutes on each side until cooked through.

Juice + zest the lemon and add to a small dish with spices, olive oil, pasta water, and capers.

Strain the pasta & add to a bowl with your small dish of lemon, oil, and spices.

Pull the broccolini and tomatoes out of the oven and use the back of a large spoon to gently smash the tomatoes. Add the tomatoes and broccolini to the pasta dish.

Serve with optional fresh herbs such as fresh parsley, basic, etc.






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