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“Do you feel not yourself lately? Maybe your sleep has been broken, a little brain foggy, or your energy has been lower than normal? A lot of times we can relate these symptoms to “getting older”. Age is only a number and symptoms can be a sign that something is not working in the body rather than a feeling of normality. This could be anything from a nutrient deficiency, to a nutrient sufficiency, to toxin exposure, etc. I know because I’ve been there. We can take control of our health, reverse our symptoms, and create our new normal. How?

I am a Clinical Nutritionist passionate in food as medicine and helping people discover the meaning behind their symptoms. I work with a functional medicine practice, Parsley Health, based out of NYC that is making waves in the health and wellness community. At Parsley, Medical Doctors & Health Coaches customize health programs based on each individual’s extensive history, individualized needs, and goals.

I have found that using a whole person approach to meet the unique needs and health goals of each individual has made a tremendous impact on their health and ability to create a lifestyle. I believe that there is always a solution to every symptom and when you are able to find the root cause, you can make that huge impact. Creating a healthier lifestyle starts with the first step, along with tiny baby steps to push you in the right direction. Changes do not happen overnight & the majority of the time it takes time. It’s all a remix.

It’s time to start feeling energized and rejuvenated.

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