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Why I choose Gaia

Why I choose Gaia herbs…

What I love about Gaia is the ability to search for herbs by your heath concern & meet your herbs allowing you to experience the true passion and wonder of your herbs outside of the bottle.

Gaia is …

100% USDA Certified Organic herbs. 

100% USDA Certified Organic grain alcohol. 

100% USDA Certified Organic processing.
100% USDA Certified Organic laboratory tested.

Gaia says… “Our mission is to create and nurture healthy connections between plants and people. We do that through finding and maintaining strong global relationships in addition to championing personal and environmental sustainability here at home, on our own organic farm”. 

My herbs..

I do not take all of these daily; I listen to my body and what it needs and incorporate the herbs throughout the week as needed. 

Maca Boost 

Maca Boost energizes smoothie with herbs that support the energy and stamina you need throughout your day. Rhodiola is known to boost brain function and energy levels. 

Turmeric Boost

Healthy inflammatory response; supports liver and kidneys. 

Golden Milk

The golden color comes from turmeric accompanied by other traditional Ayurvedic herbs like Black Pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla and Ashwagandha. Best if combined with warm nut milk. Anti-inflammatory and immune boosting. 

Kava Kava root 

Calming, relaxing, healthy lung tissue, and as a supportive aid for the nervous system. 

Echinacea Supreme

Immune support. Studies show echinacea can cut the duration of the common cold by 50%; cut your chances of catching a cold by 50%.

American Ginseng

Adapting to stress and strengthening the immune system; stamina and endurance. 

Skull Cap Herb

Encourages trophorestoration of the nervous system. Promotes calmness & support during occasional stress; calming.

Holy Basil Leaf

Nourishes the mind, elevates the spirit. 

Black Elderberry Syrup

Immune boosting, antioxidant. 

Milk Thistle Seed

Liver function, antioxidant protection. 

Sound Sleep

Aids sleep; helps body transform from wakefulness to sleep. 

Ashwagandga Root 

Thyroid support; nourish and restore the nervous system. 

Cats Claw Bark 

Healthy inflammatory response, strengthens immune system. 

Ginseng Schisandra 

Supports fatigue and helps adapt to physical and environmental stress.

I’ve been using Gaia Herbs for about a month now and I can honestly say I feel a difference in my sleep, my energy levels, and my ability to focus.

Ways I use my herbs:

1. Add them to a smoothie, tasteless.

2. Add them to tea, also tasteless.

3. Capsules, extracts.

4. Get creative!

For more information visit & meet your herbs!

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