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Functional Nutrition Coaching – Onboarding


It’s time to start feeling energized and rejuvenated! Applicants must apply under the services /programs tab before purchase so Samantha can review your application to make sure it is a good fit. 


Meet Your Nutritionist, Samantha

I am so excited to start your nutrition journey with you! I am a Clinical Nutritionist who graduated with my Masters of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Additionally, I have also trained under the Institute for Functional Medicine. Growing up, I always told myself I was going to become a doctor but after working in the hospital system for many years I turned my head on conventional medicine & grew a passion for holistic health. I am passionate about the power of food as medicine and how important proper nutrition is to fuel every metabolic pathway in the body responsible for optimal energy, digestion, brain function, etc. My style of nutrition integrates food, lifestyle, & environmental factors to determine the best-individualized plan for you.


What it includes:

Week one: 1-hour consultation (Review Goals, Extensive history, Physical Exam, Food Diary Analysis)

Week two: 1-hour Review Findings (Discuss findings, Individualized Meal & Lifestyle Plan)

Week three: Complementary 30 minute follow up to discuss progress / provide additional support


After the 3rd week, follow-ups are booked as needed for an additional fee. Follow up packages are available to get four for the price of three.



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I am excited to announce 1:1 functional nutrition coaching!

Do you feel not yourself lately? Maybe your sleep has been broken, a little brain foggy, or your energy has been lower than normal? A lot of times we can relate these symptoms to “getting older”. Age is only a number and symptoms can be a sign of a dysfunction in the body rather than a feeling of normality. I know because I’ve been there. We can take control of our health, reverse our symptoms, and create our new normal.

I customize health programs based on each individual’s extensive history and goals. During your initial consultation, I will spend about an hour with you extensively reviewing your health goals, personal and family history, recent lab work, lifestyle factors, complete a nutritional physical exam to look for potential nutritional deficiencies, and perform a food diary analysis.

My programs can vary depending on client needs, and the best steps are decided after completion of the initial consultation in a follow-up consultation. My plans are designed to meet the client’s goals and honor the client’s current lifestyle. Each program consists of a customized food as medicine plan & lifestyle and stress recommendations.


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