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Healthy for the Holidays E-book

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It seems that the holidays are here before we know it & disappear with the blink of an eye. As a clinical nutritionist, I am always advocating for an anti-inflammatory diet rich in many colors and low in processed foods. However, when it comes to the holidays, I believe it is ok to eat drink & be merry while continuing to feel your best with a few simple tips & tricks.

I wanted to write this e-book to highlight the importance of enjoying the holiday season & emphasize that it is possible to stay healthy through the holidays without feeling restricted with food and nutrition or overindulging.

As human beings, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves through the holiday season. Whether we are planning the perfect party, want to look our best in our holiday attire, or trying to find the perfect gift. Staying healthy through the holidays is more than just nutrition and exercise. It’s getting enough sleep, doing things that bring us joy, spending time with loved ones, moving our bodies, hydrating and nourishing our cells, and having a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to nutrition to create balance.

This book will take you through so many important factors of staying healthy through the holidays that I practice myself. It will guide you through the importance of balance & help you think outside the box when this holiday season moves into full force.



This ebook is great for the holidays but also for any major events like weddings, graduations, BBQs, etc.

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