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NICE-Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich?! I was craving ice cream last night after seeing so many pics on instagram that I tossed these babies up in 10 minutes. The are a dream.

 The chocolate base is easy. All I did was process the following…

1 cup of @woodstockfoods Brazil nuts,

1/2 cup @carringtonfarms flaxseeds

1 cup @madeinnature dates

1/2 cup @navitasorganics cacao

1 tsp @evolutionsaltco pink salt

Between two sheets of parchment paper roll out the raw cookie mix flat.

Once flat…. cut into two large squares & freeze it.

Once frozen (should take about 5 minutes) smooth out some vanilla @nadamoo over the top.

Then, smoosh it together with the other raw cookie square.

Lastly cut the two large squares into smaller cubes and store in the freezer.

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