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Why you should ditch your pre workout supplements



Why you should ditch your pre workout

Why should you ditch your pre-workout? Easy, you just don’t need it. 

Pre workout supplements do more harm to the body than they do good.

Matcha is honestly the only “pre workout” I need. There are so many supplemental forms of pre workout on the market which have tons of ingredients that we don’t even no how to pronounce! So how do we know what is really in these products and what they are actually doing to your body. Not to mention all the added artificial cancer causing sugars added to these products to make them taste good.

It blows my mind to this day that some of these products are even legal with the amount of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and dyes. I get it, we have stressful lifestyles some of us have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to the gym or some of us get to the gym it’s late at night… we need alittle BOOST but there are more wholesome ways to get this energy.


I choose Organic burst matcha.

This matcha is the best quality matcha I’ve found when it comes to both energy & taste.  I remember when they first came out with the new product, surprised me with a sample & and I immediately threw out my other matcha powder in the trash when it was completely full. I couldn’t believe the difference in color.

It made me wonder how pure the matcha I was taking for years actually was. After making my first cup of matcha I had a rush on energy without any jitters. I felt more focused, clear minded, and energized.  I started using matcha for my workouts, cardio & weightlifting. I highly recommend organicburst matcha for early AM workouts, or late gym sessions. The great part about this matcha is that though caffeine occurs naturally there is not enough to disrupt your sleep.

Not only does Organic Burst matcha provide that extra boost of energy for your workouts, but it also supplies the body with tons of other benefits…

1. L-theanine in matcha helps you achieve an alert and relaxed mental state.  L-theanine, occurring naturally in matcha also has been shown to boost alpha brain wave power.

2. Matcha also helps break down stored fat, improves memories, stabilizes blood sugar, and boosts your immune system.

My favorite way to make my matcha is to boil water & let it sit for 5 minutes before adding it to 1 tsp matcha powder & about 1/8 tsp peppermint extract. You can even drink this matcha with just water it’s that good.  I choose to add the peppermint as a boost of flavor every so often.  I use a kitchen aid emulsion blender for a smooth texture.

*I love to add a little wheat grass to the blend for a burst of energy *

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