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THEE Plant Based Protein Bar I Love

When ever some one asked me what the best protein bar was

I always suggested they’d make their own… then I met R.E.D.D. 

R.E.D.D. stands for Radiant, Energy, Deliciously, Delivered, and do they stand up to their value! R.E.D.D. bars are plant based protein bars designed for a new generation, one that is starting to give a $h!t about what we are putting in our bodies.

Let me first say, when I started Nutritionbysam a couple years back, I promised myself as the page grew I would stick to my values and only share products and I loved and truly believed in. That said, this is not a sponsored blog post & I am just so excited to have found a new product that has influenced my life in a positive way and can also impact yours the same!

I was introduced to the R.E.D.D. bars at PopSugar Festival this past summer. Anyone that knows me will tell you I just don’t do bars. As convenient as they are, I try to eat as wholesome as possible which often means steering clear of any bar that has a high amount of sugar or is packed with additives. I always preferred making them myself to avoid all the nasties and control  the sugar content. Truthfully, my anti protein bar mindset inspired most of my energy bite recipes because they were simple, I could prep them in bulk for the week, and could take them with me on the go when I needed a bite.

Anyways… at PopSugar fest, I was actually about to walk right past the R.E.D.D. booth until a friend went up and tried a sample. The girls at the boost started talking about the bars… how they only had a couple grams of sugar, 12-13g of fiber, and 10g of plant based protein. Then they mentioned the bars also contained lots of other great ingredients like mushrooms (reshi, chaga, lions manes, etc), pre & probiotics, and other superfoods like maca, goji, acai, and turmeric.

So now I am thinking… these sound fantastic but do they really taste good? 

They were delicious. I was so excited to find a bar that not only tasted amazing but aligned with my values of nutrition. Finally a bar free of gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, and brown rice syrup. A bar that I could rely on when I was busy & did not have time to prepare.

10 grams of protein

3:1 protein to sugar ratio

vegan friendly

I hope that you try R.E.D.D. because trust me its worth it. Convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

R.E.D.D. has fun flavors like matcha almond, cinnamon roll, salted caramel, mint chocolate, oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter. I’ve tried them all & they all amaze me.

We always have a favorite though & mine is for sure mint chocolate 

More info here! 

Use code nutritionbysam for a discount off your bars 

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