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Raspberry Crumb Cheesecake Bars

Raspberry Crumb Cheesecake Bars

Paleo friendly, Vegan friendly, Gluten free, Delicious!


A cross between a cheesecake and raspberry thumb print cookie.  It’s been a while since I made my raspberry chia jam and I wanted to try to use it in a delicious treat which inspired these bars. OHH man am I happy I did. The perfect touch of “cheesiness” from the cashew crumble + sweetness from the raspberry jam. These bars are paleo friendly, vegan friendly, gluten free, and no one will EVER know.


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2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries (I prefer frozen)

1 small lemon juiced + zested

2 tbsp raw honey or 1 tbsp maple (vegan)

2 tbsp chia seeds


2 cups almond flour

2.5 tbsp coconut oil (solid)

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt

1/2-1 tbsp water


1 cup cashews (cheesy!)

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

2 tbsp coconut sugar

2 tbsp coconut oil

pinch of salt


To make: 

Preheat the oven t 350…

First, make the jam. Heat a small cast iron and combine all “jam” ingredients except chia seeds. When I make this recipe I tend to make twice as much jam as I need so I have some left over I can jar for toast throughout the week. Add mixture to the cast iron over medium heat and bring to a bubble stirring frequently. As soon as the bubbles start coming to a boil… turn the jam on low & stir in the chia seeds. Let it bubble for another minute or three until the jam thickens a bit. Take the jam away from heat for 10 minutes & then transfer to a glass jar. Put the glass jar in the fridge until ready to assemble over crust. You can also make the jam the night before but do not need too. 

Second, make the crust. While the jam is cooling away from the heat you can put together the crust. Line a pan with parchment paper lightly greasing with coconut oil… LIGHTLY. Combine all crust ingredients in a food process except water. Add water little by little to the mixture until your crust is slightly sticky when you grab with two fingers. Add over parchment paper & push down with a spoon until crust is flat and compact. Bake for 15 minutes at 350. By this time the jam should be cooled down a bit and you can add to the fridge.

Remove from over after crust is crisp and let it cool for 10 minutes. While cooling, add all crumble ingredients in the food processor and pulse until combined.

When crust has cooled add the jam from the jar over the top and smooth out.  Then sprinkle with crumble. Bake for 15 minutes or until topping is crisp!

Let cool completely and cut into squares!



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