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Getaway House

A Day Off
for the Always On

Their Mission — Life, Balanced

Getaway House is a company that offers simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.

The houses are allowing you to “escape” from Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angelos, New York, Pittsburgh & Cleveland, Portland, and Washington DC.

We believes in building balance into modern life — taking the time to rest and unplug from the daily hustle and to focus on ourselves, our relationships, and the wonder of nature. -Getaway House

Our Getaway

This past weekend I went with my pup & fiancé to New Hampshire to escape the real work in a tiny little cabin nestled in nature. 🍂

It is so important to take the time to rest and unplug from our daily hustle and focus on the people we care about and the wonder of nature.  Heading into the work week I felt so refreshed & ready to be my best self. Using the last weekend to reflect over the past few months, paying attention to the patterns in my life & allowing myself to be so grateful for where I am now. It’s hard to realize why things are happening when they are but we need to look back and smile and realize we needed those situations to grow. This past weekend was the perfect time to do just that.  I could not say better things about this escape & excited to share with you a detailed blog post about the experience.

We arrived at Erma around 4pm on Saturday. It was beautiful out. The sun was shining directly on our outpost, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Outside we found a camping starter kit, a fire pit, 2 chairs, and endless woody views. As we went inside, we saw a white bed with a wall sized window, a mini kitchenette with a sink & stove, a kitchen table with chairs, and a bathroom with a shower. Getaway House really did a great job with creating a peaceful environment. To the left of the sink we could a safe box + a few books. The safe box was to lock away any belongings such as your cell phone that you wanted to escape for your stay. The books consisted of things like “how to start a fire”, and “cabin inspiration”. Of course, you were welcome to bring your own books, but these went along with the them wonderfully. The location was at the end of a neighborhood but once turning into the camping ground it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Pure bliss.

Before arriving the cabin, Getaway sent us a an email in preparation of the trip. It was recommended to bring our own food, although there were snacks available for purchase in the cabin. We stopped at a local Whole foods to gather some belongings prior to arriving at the cabin. Getaway was nice enough to search for the closest whole foods market for me and also provide me with local restaurants or markets if needed. I knew there was a stove top & an open fire. Andy and I wanted the full experience and decided to “grill” right over the fire pit. This was rather interesting but I was pretty impressed with how the food turned out. What did we bring?


Homemade non toxic bug spray by Dr. Kyle Klim


Bestself Journal

Yoga Mat

Luccas openfarmpet food


From wholefoods:

Organic Grass Fed Steaks for Andy & little Lucca

Organic wild Salmon for myself

Organic Asparagus

Organic Sweet Potatoes

Organic Beet microgreens

Organic Heirloom tomatoes

Organic Strawberries

Organic Avocados

@Birchbenders pancakes


From home:

Primal Kitchen Cilantro Dressing

Pink Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper

@sietefoods chips

@eatbanza chickpea pasta

@simplemills crackers -smores!

@hu chocolate -smores!

Organic marshmallows -smores!

@gomacro bars

Matcha Essentials: @organicburst matcha, @vitalproteins collagen creamer, raw honey

Boxed water


ERMA was the name of our outpost 

When we arrived, We found a sweet note from the Getaway Staff + a note that said not to open until we left.

We explored out out post, settled in, and decided to make some dinner! Lucca read us how to start a fire since we were newbies & Andy made dinner.

I was so impressed with how the food turned out. Andy grilled the salmon marinated in the primal kitchen cilantro avocado dressing, grilled the steaks simply salted, and grilled the asparagus + sweet potatoes tossed in salt – pepper + avocado oil. Meanwhile I made the Banza pasta and tossed it together with the microgreens, heirloom tomatoes, primal kitchen cilantro dressing, and strawberries to make a summer inspired pasta salad as a side. 30 minutes later we had an easy and delicious dinner. Lucca hung out by our feet and waited patiently for his food. He had the hardest job!

After we made dinner it got dark and we sat by the fire. Lucca read us how to build a fire and Andy did all the work. Heck, he even did the dishes for me! We made “healthy smores” with @huchocolate @simple mills crackers, and wholefoods organic monk fruit sweetened marshmallows. HEAVEN.

Being exhausted from the work week we laid down shortly after dinner. I can easily say I passed out within seconds. I slept the whole night with Andy and Lucca right next to me & woke up to the sound of the pouring rain. The wall sized window at the side of the bed made it feel like I was outside though I was not. Many people would have asked for the sun, but I didn’t mind the rain. I slept in a bit longer before getting up to make my matcha. The boys slept in longer. There was the cutest little pot over the stove to boil water. I used the boxed water I brought instead of the tap. I made my matcha as I do usually, and it tasted just like home. It rained harder. I sat on the ledge next to the bed and leaned on the wall behind me overlooking the wall sized window. Pure bliss. I journaled.

Shortly after the boys woke up. I made lucca his @openfarmpet food which is basically dehydrated raw food which is perfect for traveling. He loves it. Then I started the stove and made Andy and myself some birch benders pancakes w/ fresh strawberries + drizzled @wedderspoon raw honey. If you have not tried these pancakes before I highly recommended. They were perfect for this trip because they only required adding water to the batter. All of the pots and pans, plates and utensils were available to use in the kitchen so no need. To bring any of that. It rained harder and we spent most of the morning/ late afternoon in bed.

The weather cleared a bit and the three of us when to a local trail for a afternoon hike. Getaway was sweet enough to provide us with all of the local spots for hiking and adventure. It was fun to explore New Hampshire. Getaway has many outposts in NY, GA, etc.  I chose New Hampshire/ Boston because I had never been to this state before and I could not have been more pleased.

So how does it work?

Use code SAMF25 for $25 dollars off your stay


Book Your Escape

Choose your Outpost, cabin size, and dates. They’ll send you the exact address of your cabin upon booking.


Sit Back

You’ll get an email and text with your cabin name and keycode. Their team will be available by email and text should you need anything.


Just Be

Lock away your phone, connect with loved ones, and enjoy quiet time in nature. You’ll have everything you need to truly relax.

Getaway is also giving back to Nature.

When you book your stay they’ll plant a tree. 

We had a wonderful experience. The getaway staff texted us when we arrived to see if we needed anything and also as we were leaving to make sure we were comfortable and check out was as easy as possible. The told us in the beginning of our stay to reach out if we needed anything and that they did not want to bother us during out stay. They had our backs and gave us our privacy at the same time.

Sponsored Trip –  @getawayhouse #sponsored

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