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Spring Cleansing with Love Grace Juice

Spring Cleansing with Love Grace Juice

Spring is peaking around the corner and although it is the perfect time to start organizing your belongings + getting rid of things you do not need…  your home is not the only thing that could use a “spring cleaning”.  The same way we can clean out our closets, we can clean out our bodies too.

We are exposed to toxins every day in our food, in our air, and even in our water. Doing a gentle detox can support your bodies natural detoxification processes and help rid the body of certain toxins allowing you to feel your best. There are plenty ways to detox & reset your system and participating in a juice cleanse is one of my favorite ways to do a gentle detox this time of year.

What is a juice cleanse and how does it benefit you

A juice cleanse is a cleanse where you consume only fruit & vegetable juices for 3-5 days. When you refrain from eating food your body has all the energy that it usually uses for digesting food to go to healing the body, and finding a healthy balance.  The body does this through a state of autolysis where weak or damaged cells are metabolized. Juices, especially green juices, are high in chlorophyl which can bind to toxins such as heavy metals and free radicals to safely move them out of the body.

The benefits: 

Mental clarity, energy, focus and glowing skin are an awesome bonus.

Alkalinity. Disease cannot breed in an alkaline environment.

Cleansing. A simple reset to continue with a healthy vibrant diet and lifestyle.

Why it is important to find a reliable company:

The juice company I choose is Love Grace Juice. All products at Love Grace are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher. Their juices and cleanses are made with a cold-press extraction for maximum nutrients, bio-availability and lifespan. Not all companies use this process which can compromise the nutrients available at time of consumption therefore minimizing the benefits of juice cleansing over all.

A little background on Love Grace Juice 

Love grace juice is a small company with a big impact.

They were founded by two childhood friends who united in their passion for superfoods, adventure and ultimate health.  The two became Certified Holistic Health Counselors and were inspired to help people have the energy and life-force necessary to fulfill on their individual goals. 

Love Grace Mission: “Our mission is to provide a higher level of vitality and life-force for all with optimal nutrition. We also believe flavor should never be compromised! Our founders fused their backgrounds in nutrition and culinary experience to alchemize every product into gourmet perfection. We fill our juices, smoothies, and elixirs with love and nutrition to help you reach your health goals with ease and excitement”.

My experience:

I recently completed the Love Grace Juice 3 day juice cleanse. Having had completed a few juice cleanses before I knew what to expect going into this cleanse but was also pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this one.

The cleanse consisted of 5 juices + one smoothie + one boost per day.

Here is more information on the products below. 

purify juice
coconut water. lime. celery. swiss chard. spinach. cucumber.

ginger bomb boost
orange. ginger. lemon. oregano extract. himalayan sea salt.

super cider juice
apple. carrot. ginger. lemon. turrmeric.

green sunshine juice
swiss chard. kale. spinach. celery. cucumber. apple. lemon.

longevity tonic juice
fo-ti root. lemon. cayenne. coconut nectar. himalayan sea salt.

superfood smoothie (alternating)
probiotic, ab&j or green protein.

restore juice
carrot. beet. cucumber. celery. parsley. lemon. spinach. orange

A walk through my experience: 

Day one:

Day one is always exciting as is anything new. I woke up with lots of energy and started my day off how I would normally. I participated in a more restorative workout given I wanted to preserve my energy throughout the day and for the next few days. There were a few feelings of hunger throughout the day but when I felt hungry I drank another juice and was then again satisfied. I felt generally normal the first day, not many changes & I think the restorative workout in the morning helped to preserve my energy throughout day one, something which I have ignored in the past. Day one felt great and I was surprised how much focus I felt even from only the first day.

Day two:

Day two was when I started to feel like not myself. Whenever I have participated in a juice cleanses in the past, day two has always been the worse for me. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my body is starting to detox and eliminate toxins  & those symptoms are a response to that. I woke up with a headache, feeling “blah” and not myself. As the day continued on, I felt pretty fatigued and run down. Luckily for me I worked from home and it allowed me more time to rest. What I love so much about Love Grace Juice products is that they use a lot of “warming herbs” like ginger, fo ti root, etc. This was one of the best surprises I had during my experience with the 3 day juice cleanse because generally I always feel cold during a juice cleanse. I didn’t feel that this time around. By the end of the night my energy was super low. I did not work out during day two because of how I felt but I did end the night with an epsom salt bath and tons of water for replenishment of the water I lost during the bath. I went to bed early anticipating the 3rd day.

Day three:

When I woke up in the morning I felt a lot better. My headache was gone, I felt more energized, and although I was not springing out of bed, I generally felt better. Day two has historically always been the hardest for me. By day three I am generally just looking to CHEW but the benefits also start to weigh in. I use this time to continue to relax, rest, and let me body purify, cleanse, and detox. On this 3rd day I felt more energized to do some light yoga and practiced a lot of self care.

Day four:

Waking up post cleanse, I started the morning with a green smoothie to ease myself back into my way of eating. For lunch I had a raw salad and then some wild fish with roasted veggies for dinner. I prefer to take it easy once reintroducing food into my diet and in the most simple way. Cleansing is a great reset for me and I want to hold onto the benefits as long as I can even post cleanse so transitioning into a whole 30 approach for a few days is a great way to continue on with that.

In essence of my experience, I wanted to create a mini check list of things you can do during your juice cleansing experience 

What to do during your juice cleanse:

Ease into the cleanse by eating a mainly whole foods based diet for a couple days prior to starting the juice cleanse.

Drink tons of water to help you stay hydrated.

Sip on herbal teas in between juices to help you stay warm like ginger, turmeric, and fennel teas.

Include other detox practices, like infrared sauna, dry brushing, epsom salt baths, etc.

Go to bed early, rest, get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

Take naps, if you are feeling tired or sluggish, take a nap.

Take a few rest days or perform more restorative workouts like yoga, pilates, or stretching.

After the cleanse, break your juice fast with healthy whole food based products to keep the benefits going thereafter.

So are you interested in cleansing? 

Join me & get 10% off your order with code nutritionbysam10 💕— there are 3 day, 4 day, and even 5 day cleanse options. Click below for more information & to purchase your cleanse.

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In the words of Love Grace Juice….

DETOXIFY from stagnant habits to clarify and energize the body and mind.

NOURISH with maximum nutrition from gentle extraction using cold-press technology

MAINTAIN well-being, mental clarity, and healthy weight with the ancient art of cleansing.

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