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Samantha Franceschini, MSCN

My name is Samantha & I am a clinical nutritionist from the Jersey Shore. I hold a Master of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health, from Maryland University of Integrative Health, one of the leading universities for integrative health in the nation. I have trained under the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM, AFMCP) and currently continuing my education with the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Additionally, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist Candidate.

I transitioned into the field of functional medicine after working in the hospital for many years, witnessing a flawed system of how symptoms were often managed rather than finding the root cause. I was inspired by a whole person approach and meeting the unique needs and health goals for each individual person. As I transitioned to the field of functional medicine I saw first hand how it made a tremendous impact in the health of my clients with the ability to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. I believe that there is always a solution to every symptom and when you are able to find the root cause, you can make that huge impact. Creating a healthier lifestyle starts with the first step, along with tiny baby steps to push you in the right direction. I will move at my clients pace and put myself in their shoes to determine most realistic options for them. Changes do not happen overnight & majority of the time it will take time, but when you focus on one at a time those changes last. I integrate contemporary science while acknowledging the connection between body systems and the interconnection of the mind and body. I love working with individuals, as well as families & find so much reward in this profession. When you make an impact in someone’s life you naturally create ripples & influence everyone around them. Changes start out as tiny ripples and soon after you are creating waves. You can learn more by clicking here

When I am not practicing nutrition, I enjoy traveling & spending time with my high school sweet heart, exercising, walking up to the beach with my little Pomeranian @luccathepom, and getting creative in the kitchen with Nutritionbysam.  I love creating quick and easy recipes that are not only healthy, but taste amazing to! I also have a huge sweet tooth and love creating healthy treats that are gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. Please take advantage of the free recipes on Nutritionbysam, and feel free to follow along with instagram, facebook, youtube, and tiktok @nutritionbysam