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Matcha Is The New Coffee

Next time your thinking about reaching for that warm cup of coffee in the morning consider switching it up to matcha, I’ll tell you why.

Personally, I have never been someone who has been attached to coffee because I can’t handle the caffeine. But I know that for some people coffee is a way of life & the typical person is drinking up to 2-3 cups a day for the energy.

Why ditch the coffee?

The problem is when you drink coffee it’s typically followed by a “crash” and leaves you feeling irritable and brain foggy… not to mention dehydrated if you aren’t drinking enough water.

In order to understand the benefits of switching, we need to understand what happens to our bodies when we drink coffee. Coffee “may have its benefits” but the processes that happen in your body when you drink coffee tend to through off your bodies natural rhythm.

Instead of turning to coffee for energy we should be more concerned with why we may be lacking the energy to begin with.  

Coffee for long periods of time can through off our bodies natural circadian rhythm. Coffee can cause “crashing” during the day, increased stress, anxiety & depression, jitters, hormonal imbalances, headaches and migraines, and difficulty with sleep.

How? There is a lot of conflicting research about “the benefits of drinking coffee” but research does support that drinking coffee spikes catecholamines and adrenaline which are stress hormones in the body which turn on our fight or flight response. When these hormones go high this can disrupt your bodies natural rhythm and cause anxiety, irritability, reproductive problems, sleep problems, digestive problems, etc.

Anxiety: by interfering with our neurotransmitter GABA assisting with feelings of happiness & calm.

Reproductive health: high cortisol levels from the coffee can compromise the optimal functioning of the pituitary gland and cause PMS and irregular periods.

Sleep problems: high caffeine blocks receptors of adenosine which is an important neurotransmitter that helps you feel sleepy. When you drink caffeine, it wakes you up by fooling adenosine receptors but over time can compromise your bodies ability to produce adenosine and cause issues with waking up in the middle of the night or not feeling rested upon waking. Then you wake up tired and want more coffee… this is creating a giant negative feedback loop.

Digestive problems: Some may argue that coffee is beneficial for digestion as it relieves constipation but true be told coffee can also be detrimental when it comes to digestion due to its ability to cause reflux & increase fluid loss causing dehydration.


One may argue that coffee has loads of antioxidants and polyphenols which cause extend longevity but from my own research, I’ve found that the con’s outweighed the pro’s and there are other ways to get your antioxidants which will not knock your body out of its rhythm. Like Matcha.


So why Matcha? 

No Irritability, No Anxiety, No Hormonal Imbalances, Better Sleep, More focus, Weightloss, & Better Concentration.

Matcha naturally provides the body with L- Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps to promote “alert calm” when consumed in its natural form. Research shows that it increases alpha brain waves up to 75% to calm the mind, allow you to focus, and settle your neurological system without drowsiness.

What else with matcha? 

Is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg.

It boosts metabolism, burns calories, and slims your waistline.

It detoxifies effectively and naturally.

It Calms the mind and relaxes the body.

It is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, and many micronutrients.

It enhances mood and aids in concentration.


How to drink Matcha 

Feel instantly alert, focuses, and clear minded.

There are a numerous amount of ways people sip on their matcha, and although there is really no right or wrong way there are some important tips and tricks to follow to maximize the benefits you are getting from the cup.

*Never add matcha to boiling hot water, it can kill the antioxidants.

*Always buy ceremonial grade matcha where the color is bright green rather than a dark olive color.

*Use a matcha whisk to release the powerful compounds of the matcha power or buy fine powders.


Which do I recommend? @organicburst

Why? Organic Burst only uses the top four leaves of the plant which contains the highest levels of L -Theanine. Organic burst is also ultra fine for exquisite flavor & potent health effects. Their matcha is first picked from the very first spring harvest and only harvested at peak season. Lastly, their matcha is steamed to avoid oxidation which maintains the matcha’s delicate nutrients and avoids free radical damage to cells from oxidation.

How to make it?

Sift Matcha to make it ultra fine (if not using organic burst which is already fine).

Add matcha to a bowl or mug & pour 4 ounces of hot (not boiling) water.

Whisk quickly to create a foam.

Add nut milk to make a latte or more water.

Matcha starter kit:



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