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Cacao Crazy for Navitas New Superfood Lattes


You’ve most likely heard the term “superfood” tossed around, especially if you are someone into health and wellness. But what makes a super food a “Super Food”. A superfood is exactly how it sounds, a powerful food which provides a lot of health benefits.

As a clinical nutritionist, I am always encouraging clients, family, and friends to add superfoods into their diet to not only help them maintain healthy vitamin and mineral needs but to also benefits many aspects of their health.

I am always looking for brands and products that fit my values to recommend to clients but also use myself and feed my family. There are so many products and brands on the market, and I have spent some time over the last couple of years narrowing down which ones I feel are best.

I have been using the products from Navitas Organics for a little over two years now through different packaging, name changes, and new products. The longer I use them the more I fall in love with their products, their mission, and their promise. Navitas Organics uses the most health-boosting plants or “superfoods” in the world which help supercharge your day and provide many health benefits to the body. It is no wonder why the quality and the taste behind Navitas products are so impressive, the company supports local farmers who use sustainable organic farming methods to bring the highest quality of superfoods to store shelves.

I truly believe in the healing power of food & am it makes me feel whole every day to spread the incredible message of using food as medicine.

So I wanted to share what I am currently loving now.


Product Review:

One of my favorite things to drink growing up in the cold winter months was hot chocolate, primarily because I was a chocoholic & needed my sweet fix. Navitas newly released their new superfood latte mixes and I love them for a million reasons. I have recently been loving the cacao latte. This product comes in individual packages making it easy to track serving sizes but also take with you on the go.

They are Dairy Free

They are Keto + Paleo Friendly

They have 2g of MCT per serving

And all you need to do is pour, mix, and enjoy. Talk about a time saver.

Let’s break down the ingredients…

Ingredients: Coconut oil powder* (MCT oil*, acacia fiber*, tapioca maltodextrin*, citric acid), coconut palm sugar*, cacao powder, maca powder,* guar gum*, natural flavor*, sea salt, cinnamon*, monk fruit extract*. *Organic Ingredient

For those of you not familiar with Coconut Palm Sugar, it is the ideal replacement for cane sugar. Coconut Palm Sugar has roughly half the glycemic index of cane sugar and a caramel flavor.

I love that Navitas is combining the cacao with the maca in this latte mix.

FUN FACT: Cacao has naturally occurring Caffeine & Adding maca to any superfood or drink with caffeine is known to help alleviate the “jitters” you may feel from caffeine.  Not to mention Maca also provides a rich, caramelly flavor to the latte.

How am I using it:

My favorite way to use the Cacao Latte is simply pouring it into some heated coconut milk. It is rich, it is simple, and just straight up perfect. I feel supercharged immediately upon drinking it and savor all the delicious flavors and richness from the MCT-rich coconut flavor.


The new Cacao Latte by Navitas Organics provides the optimal balance of fats and carbohydrates. You get your sweet fix while enjoying a low-sugar & fairy free alternative which a line with many of the popular diets many people are following today.



Product Review:

Another product I’m loving from Navitas Organics is their Chocolate Cacao Powder Snacks. Little energizing snacks that I carry with me in and out of work, school, and earns for an energizing snack.

The bites contain 9 superfoods…. 9!

The ingredients are as follows:

Date paste*, Navitas Organic Superfood Blend (chia seed*, cacao powder*, lucuma powder*, goji powder*, maca powder*), dark chocolate chip* (cane sugar*, cocoa liquor*, cocoa butter*), sorghum*, pumpkin seed*, sunflower seed*, almond butter*, natural flavor*, sea salt, acerola cherry powder*

Why Choose Cacao:

Cacao, pronounced “CA-COW” is full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavanols. This superfood provides many health benefits including but not limited to…

Supporting healthy serotonin & dopamine levels

Support brain function and focus

Support digestion and elimination

Support healthy iron levels

Support healthy magnesium levels and nerve function

Surprising to some, cacao actually provides more antioxidant activity than blueberries and even the super fruit goji.

Superfood Latte Mixes

For a limited time, Navitas is offering free shipping with code LATTE.

Don’t walk, RUN & try it for yourself!





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