Work with me Recipe creations / Brand Ambassador- I love working with people who share the same passion for nutritional medicine as myself. I’m open to all opportunities such as product sampling, and developing recipes, & promoting through social media.

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Nutrition for Pediatrics

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthily? Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can be harder sometimes that winning the lottery but sometimes we just have to put ourselves in their shoes and think like them. I always say I am a kid at heart and I have some clever tips and tricks up my sleeve to come up with a solution. Aside from teaching kids the value of nutrition I specialize in Childhood Obesity and Eating Disorders.

During the initial consultation, I will spend an hour with you and your child extensively reviewing health history, any medical conditions, and lifestyle factors. The consult will be conducted with the parent or legal guardian for clients under the age of 18. I am happy to work integratively with any pediatrician to ensure optimal care for your child. After meeting with you and your child I will have a better idea on the best next steps and they will be spoken about in a follow-up consultation.