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1:1 functional nutrition coaching

I am excited to announce our 1:1 functional nutrition coaching!

Do you feel not yourself lately? Maybe your sleep has been broken, a little brain foggy, or your energy has been lower than normal? A lot of times we can relate these symptoms to “getting older”. Age is only a number and symptoms can be a sign of a dysfunction in the body rather than a feeling of normality. I know because I’ve been there. We can take control of our health, reverse our symptoms, and create our new normal.

I am a Clinical & functional Nutritionist passionate in food as medicine and helping clients discover the meaning behind their mystery symptoms. I customize health programs based on each individuals extensive history and goals.

During your initial consultation, I will spend about an hour with you extensively reviewing your health goals, personal and family history, recent lab work, lifestyle factors, complete a nutritional physical exam to look for potential nutritional deficiencies, and preform a food diary analysis.

My programs can vary depending on client needs, and best steps are decided after completion of the initial consultation in a follow-up consultation. My plans are designed to meet the client’s goals and honor the client’s current lifestyle. Each program consists of a customized food as medicine plan & lifestyle and stress recommendations.

It’s time to start feeling energized and rejuvenated.
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